Friday 25 May 2018

'nids part 256 - Biotitan Tyranid Hierophant pt.11 - Bonewhite highlights on the legs

Dear readers, you will recall how well the Bonewhite highlights were progressing and how pleased I was with myself. Now they say 'pride comes before a fall', this might be evidence of that. I estimated I'd be able to get through this big leg in one sitting, I was clearly very wrong. I managed to do most of the edge highlights but when it came to the pinstripes I could only manage the lower third and even then I wasn't overly happy with the result.

This pretty much felt like my momentum was killed dead. I know going forward to approach the other legs in the same way - edge highlight and then fill in. That's why the ribs were so easy to do, each element was conatined, whereas here there's just so much space that I need to section so I can deal with on a smaller basis. Funnily enough the original plan was to paint the legs first, I don't know why I didn't but I'm extremely grateful for deciding to paint the ribs first. Without that under my belt I may well have felt even more disheartened.

With the legs giving me grief I thought I'd flip everything on its head and think smaller again - focussing on the bio- cannon arms.

Despite them being the smallest of it's limbs with the least bone it was a full hour to do all this and a surprising amonut of Skeleton Bone paint that I now worry is running out. 

I used what was left on my palette to do this bit on the right arm. For a variety of reasons [that I'll list below] I'll put this on hold at this point. As the Skeleton Bone is running out I don't expect to replace it until Double Trouble 3, when I can nip into Element Games directly. I've probably got far more than I think but this gives me an opportunity to try and tackle something else in my Big 3.

Despite my utter aversion to the bronze on the Armigers I took the opportunity to force myself to overcome the issue. The Manchester GW is holding an Imperial Knight World Record attempt - the most Knights in a store, and Armigers are included. Unfortunately the event is on 'the day of release of the new Imperial Knight Codex', which I estimate could be between 2-4 weeks maximum. I honestly don't think that's achievable, certainly not the two week deadline. I can but try and even if I miss the deadline I should have progressed sufficiently that I'll feel happy about their state, they may even be good enough to join in unfinished... Regardless, expect Armigers next on the blog.

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