Sunday 28 August 2016

To Do List 2016/17

Having covered my achievements over the past season it's now that I look forward to the new Season. Initially I want to crack on with some of the things I couldn't quite finish off in time. They're mainly Dark Angels, they're still my focus despite those Genestealers creeping into the mix at the end there. Anything in bold is a priority, everything else is nice to have
  1. Dark Angel - Land Speeder Typhoons
  2. Imperial Knight - Paladin
  3. Dark Angel - Bastion and Quad Gun
  4. Dark Angel - Deathwing Knights
  5. Dark Angel - Ravenwing Knights
  6. Dark Angel - Ravenwing Bikes
  7. Dark Angel - Drop Pod [this is less of a priority but I want it finished]
  8. Deathwatch marines
The top three are to add to my Armies on Parade board, hence their priority status, although I supposed everything else is also valid. The remaining nid and terrain based items are these:
  1. Project Z?! Still a mystery project ;)
  2. Genestealer Cultists
    • 1st/2nd gen hybrids
    • Aberrants
    • Mining Lasers
    • Magus
    • Primus
    • Patriarch
    • 3rd/4th gen hybrids
    • Familiars
  3. Tyranid Void Shield Generator
  4. Some bits of Imperial terrain I have knocking about
  5. Tyranid Bastion Crater
  6. Tyranid Promethium Relay Pipes [way down the list only here to remind me I want to do it]
As always things will insert themselves into the mix  as and when the muse takes me. For instance the Aegis Defence Lines are also something I want to do I've not included them above as I've no real aspiration for them above my list but should I fell the urge...

On top of all that I want to undertake what I will be referring to as 'The Great Build'. Usually painting is my priority but particularly over the winter months, when priming can be a pain I want to build and prepare as much of my Grey Tide as possible. Ordinarily I don't work this way, but having built some things last season I want to crack on and have stuff prepared so I've fewer 'blank pages' to start with.

Then on top of The Great Build I want to base, prime and paint the bases so everything is ready to pick up and go when I feel the urge. To this end I'll be introducing a couple of extra stamps for myself just to complicate the system I never wanted to be complicated! These stamps allow me to tick off this element and nto feel guitly they didn't go through to completion as that's not their goal at this point. There's no complete list here but they include
  • 4 Tyranid Lictors
  • 3 Tyranid Warriors
  • 3 Tyranid Shrikes
  • Tyranid Trygon
  • Ripper Swarms
  • 5 Dark Angel Assault Marines
  • 5 Dark Angel Veterans/Command Squad
  • 10 Dark Angel Macragge Tactical Squad
  • Space Hulk Genestealers
  • Remaining Deathwing Terminators
  • Sanctum Impearialis

So that's me for 2016/17, I'm not sure it looks particularly impressive but I think we may all be a little surprised further down the line ;) All the best for your own efforts this season.


  1. Looks awesome when will we find out what the mystery project is??

    1. When it actually sees some effort ;) need to get the priority jobs done for AoP and then I may be able to give it the attention it deserves :)

  2. So organised, my hobby butterfly doesn't let me do lists... At the moment I'm revisiting Necrons. In a months time, who knows?

    1. Ha, ha, I can flit from one thing to the next like the best of them. This is just to focus, to put down what needs to be done and if it takes a year (or 5) then so be it but I think things have definitely progressed because of this rather than in spite of it. Its been particularly useful towards the end of the season as I aimed to get things done for the finale. Not that it makes a difference, I just start all over again... Ha, ha, its bonkers!

  3. Awesome projects like usual and great work :)
    I'll try to post my list soon.
    Good luck for this year Dave.

  4. Good luck with it all Dave & as always thanks for setting things up.

    1. No worries Frank, I worry it comes off as a vanity thing but I do the 'unbranded' badges so it can be community led, not just me.

  5. Gonna be another awesome year. I am looking forward to seeing all your progress :). I will be jumping on your hobby stamp scheme too. Just got to set myself some realistic goals which I can stick to.

    1. I don't always stick to mine... but I look forward to seeing what you come up with :)