Monday, 8 August 2016


I ticked over 900,000 hits the other day but given the recent spate of Russian bots, or unemployed Olympians with time on their hands it's probably only right I don't immediately jump on the achievement.

It was Valentine's Day this year when I last hit the 800,000 milestone, which was 5.5 months since I hit the 700,000, you can see that means my hits are just going up. Reality is I had a good few months with the 40kaddict Terrain Competition and Reddit contributions and since then it's reduced and flattened out again [aside from the bots]. Regardless folk are still coming to the blog, still putting up with my ramblings and still interested in the little models I'm painting. I'm humbled by your continued supprt

Recently Michael Corr discovered 40kaddict was the 2nd most popular result in a google search for 40k blog. Since then I've dropped behind Cadian Shock and Mike himself so forget humble I was second only to Faeit212 and above Goatboy and Spikeybits for a short while, how did that happen?!

I've been quite for a few days as I go through some issues with moving the Land Speeders forward until then I can only thank you all for the continued support.