Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Red Planet BASING

In an effortto avoid finishing the Land Speeders I decided to crack on with both the familiar and necessary - my old friend Red Planet BASE! I picked up these bike bases at Double Trouble, they're for my Black Knights and Command squad. Unfortunately they only had one pack of each but I'm hoping that they'll still match thanks to our favourite crimson planet painting technique.

They'll also help differentiate units/squads. Luckily the slate ones match my existing bike bases, of which I have 5, so 1 will make up the 6th. That leaves me with 4 concrete and 3 slate to break up my 7 Command/Black Knights - that's providence! I just need to work out the split - 
3 command/4 Knights or 4 command/3 Knights

The Deathwatch also got a quick first higlight.

And second, there's a lot to do on these bases that's not Red Planet but I'll just concetrate on what I know for now.

It's not Land Speeders but at least I'm doing something :)