Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Holy Grail has been found!

The other night while sitting down for tea we had a bit of family drama while the eldest decided to choke on a Yorkshire Pudding [I blame Aunte Bessie, the wife's are usually mcuh better]. Anyway, in the midst of him vomming into the kitchen sink the doorbell rang, which we rightly ignored. Then a minute or two later the house phone rang, which was also ignored. Then my mobile rang and I saw it was my brother, I answered it just to say I'd call back later but inbetween my information he managed to explain he'd left something on my doorstep.

After the situation with my son was thanfully resolved I had chance to look at what it was. It was a concertina folder that mainly contained a couple of old White Dwarf's, a tin full of all the Blood Bowl 2nd edition Star Player cards and a bunch of art prints by the likes of John Blanche and other classic WD artists [I may well scan some in]. But there in the bottom were two figures, one rather unremarkable dwarf the other was the figure that started it all!

I described this guy originally here and more recently on Michael Corr's Better Know a Blogger feature. This is the first figure I ever bought!

And concurrently the first figure I ever painted, I think I've improved a little bit. As you can see Humbrol enamels do a great job of covering up all the deatils.

Clearly the sculptor was a little inspired by the Mighty Thor and possibly Hulk Hogan, I find his oversized head just a little amusing though. Interestingly I checked underneath to see the manufacturer but there was nothing aside from a barely visible number 3 so I don't know the manufacturer or anything.

I will definitely be stripping him down to repaint at some point. He deserves that at least but for the time being I'll revel in all his original glory. Anyway, I'm over the moon at finding this, or more accurately, having it materialise out of thin air. I'm sure you can all see the importance in it regardless of it's physical properties. This made me very happy indeed.


I just asked on the 'eavier metal facbeook page if anyone recognised it and a guy called Jean-Baptiste Garidel had this to say:
Asgard miniatures, still available from Alternative armies and Vikking forge. Oh and it was sculpted by no other than Jes Goodwin.
 He then shared this link:

And you can also get him here:

So, he's called Beasthelm [actually that's a mistake in the reissue name, he is in fact Kern the Reaver], still available and is a Jes Goodwin model, that's amazing! Also note I put that notch in his axe myself - I was modifying even my first miniature!