Saturday 9 April 2016

'nids part 195 - 31 Genestealers

I have absolutely no idea where I am in keeping you up-to-date on the 31 Stealers? But here was five of them, old skool Space Hulk with modern Scything Talons and additional carapace plates.

I then stormed through the Soft Tone Army Painter Wash.

Followed by the Dark Tone wash on the blue and fleshy bits.

Chitin highlights came thick [I don't thin my paints so screw 'em] and not fast - just the predicted amount of time - 2 days per highlight.

Highlight two went onI got to play with some new paintbrushes my oldest friend got me for my birthday. They're really good but I did notice I overload them so it doesn't matter how fine the brush I still manage to lay down the same amount of paint. I'm comfortable with that though, this is my level and so long as I keep producing I don't need Golden Daemon quality. 

Now, here's my progress chart [minus an X on the last Chitin highlight]. I was ctually feeling like this was going well but realise I'm not even a tird the way through and the next steps will be even more mind numbing. Because the chitin can be managed en masse it feels lik it was quick but each gorup of five will be a 3 day job for each highlight!

Luckily I'm on a Dark Angel mission so I'll be inserting a highlight here and there, hopefully to mitigate the face-gnawing. Now it's 146 days until the hobby season closes and predicted 36 sessions* worth of work [oops just realised edge basing hasn't been included - another 2 sessions at least], which is eminently doable, or is it? Only time will tell...

* a session represents a single amount of time/effort I can bring to these Stealer without causing a nervous breakdown


  1. There a reason I don't own any horde armies yet! Progress is looking good though pal!

  2. What marks the end of the hobby season for you?

    1. The end of the hobby Season is the the eve of the new hobby season on the 28th August, which is utterly ridiculous when you look at it. Particularly when anything g I faced to do usually rolls over to next season anyway!

      The date was purely arbitrary, the 'To Do List' is just a guide and there are no penalties for not meeting any goals. It does help to have a focus,even if that focus means you go off list and paint something else as an avoidance tactic.

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers, it'll take a while but I might just get there...

  4. Wow that is alot of stealers to get through. I do not envy you that task

    1. And there's all the new Deathwatch ones to do too, that's 37 I think!