Thursday, 7 April 2016

Dark Angels - Tactical Squad 'last chance to dance'

I've continued to crack on with the Tactical Squad, it's funny how everything feels like it's downhill after the green has been done, even if the remaining details are actually just as time consuming. The chapter symbol and company markings have all been done and I've picked out the Purity Seals too.

Unfortunately having done all this I then failed to take any further pictures so the next update will be the To Done! pics, when I take them. I have to admit that the litanies I've subsequently painted are a mixed bag. One in particular reminds me of a Pearly King and a couple just didn't go to plan but I was able to claw back a result I'm happy with.

All that said they ended up done and even though there's quite a lot of room for variance between the efforts on these and their AoBR brothers I think they hold up well together and in isolation. All I need to do now is add a few tufts of yellow flock and Tamiya Clear Orange X-26 the sniper scopes.


  1. Looking good Dave, I really love the contrast between the models and the bases, and the shading on the chapter symbol is subtle but really effective.

  2. +1 to Nick. The choice of base material really makes these guys pop!

  3. Looking great. I agree it always seems to be easier to get on with marines after the main power armour is painted up.

  4. Coming along really well. Soon we shall be pestering you for a full army shot :)