Sunday, 24 April 2016

MOAR Vortex Templates

Despite the arm pain I actually managed to do some bits. In fact because I took the day off to see the doctor I had some free time and in a moment of madness I just decided to knock out a couple more Vortex templates. Having enjoyed the fun of them in my last game I'm hoping for a number of doubles in future games and I though three would be sufficent. I originally completed the first one in July last year and had put aside a couple of the Christmas baubles the other day.

Sadly I didn't take any pictures this time but I did adapt how I made them, without considering the original tutorial:

  • I used masking tape to attach a tissue round the outside to avoid overspray
  • I bunched the tissue up and this formed a support to hold the bauble in a plastic cup
  • when I did the colour spray I rolled up some card into a U shape so it would fit inside the bauble - when I sprayed I could get more defined lines and edges inside the bauble while masking off other areas
Having not referred to the original bauble first  I also noted:
  • my spots were more uniform, bigger and more of them
  • I also switched in a green spray for a bit of variety
  • didn't really do any streaks
  • could have done to do:
    •  less spots, 
    • a spray of colour,
    • then some more white spots for added depth,
    • a light spray of black, 
    • more spots,
    • final coat of black
 I'm really pleased with the two extra templates, the uniformity is a minor irritation but for a 20 minute job I was really chuffed. Should I need any more I know I can get them done in a jiffy :)