Friday 23 September 2011

Tactical squad update

Having just teased you with close-up shots of the tactical squads eyes I thought it would be appropriate to showcase my progress so far. For some reason I chose a new backdrop as these were photographed outside. Aside from the glossiness it puts these Space Marines truly in space, even if it is the packaging from an X-factor playset [but we won't tell anyone that...] 

There's not a huge amount to say really. The Orkhide shade has been put on and washed with Badab Black and Dark Angels Green 'dry-buffed' in place. Tin Bitz for all the metallics [washed with Badab Black] and Mechrite Red for the seals and terminator emblems.

My intention was to do a bit of the battered metal effect from my drop pod on all the metal elements but we'll see as I'm digging the darkness of the Tin Bitz.

I'm not sur ejust how much more highlighting I want to do. Part of me thinks if I do some line highlights they'll end up being 'Tron-esque' or a bit Dark Eldar. However I think once I've done all the detail bits, purity seals, metals etc. perhaps another Badab Black wash and a thin DA Green or DA Green and lighter green mix highlight might end up with the effect I'm after. As you can see still got plenty of highlights to go on all those details, particularly the Ferron Proxima Crux Terminatus.

Lastly the Space Marine Captain. Lots to do on this guy and he's going to be very different with the huge cloak. not sure if Deathwink colours will work on him as it wouldn't be very dark. Much the same as the robes on my Ravenwing, so many decisions and every one preventing me from moving forward. that's what happens when you don't have a plan, procrastination and delay. Must try harder.

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