Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Hobby Spends 2016

In a bid to prove to my better half I don't spend quite as much on the hobby as she thinks I do I decided to keep a track of my spending in 2016. I actually only started taking note around March but most of my purchases up until then had been online so it was easy to get those records retrospectively. When I see the final figure of £610 that seems like a lot but the £190 that came in to mitigate that makes me feel a whole lot better. I would not have bought those things without the income. So £418 over 12 months isn't as bad and even better when you consider the £130 for Throne of Skulls. Of course that's money still spent on the hobby, you can't discount it completely but that does make my £34 a month habit actually £24 a month with an expensive weekend away.

Overall I'm comfortable with balance, it's cheaper than when I was doing kendo. I'll continue to be frugal, I had no plan of going to Warhammer World this year but Ben is pushing for a return and I may cave in. There'll also be a new edition of 40k but I won't want a big book, just the box game with mini rule book [still burnt from my 6th edition Limited hardback] and if the rumours are true out of the Warhammer World open day there's Adeptus Titanicus due at the end of the year.

Anyway, I had a good year, bring on 2017.