Saturday 31 December 2022

Hobby Spends 2022

Afternoon #warhamfam and #warhammercommunity Following on from previous year's spending record I've kept another log for 2022 [and will do so for 2023]. The final figure of just over £287 represents a significant decrease on last years gross spend of £362, I think it's a 21% reduction [my maths could be wrong though]. I sold some items, bringing in £42, used an Element Games voucher, loyalty scheme crystals and got £10 for my affiliate scheme [thanks to those who use the link on the right], to shave £83 off my spends. That's still £204 spent on the hobby, which is around £17 a month, which I'm OK with. Here's the breakdown:

My figure purchases were I think reasonable. The Prowlers were a mistake, I thought I was getting a good deal, unaware I'd have got twice as many for just a few quid more. But, the Gellerpox Infected were a passion purchase. I wanted the models to paint and they'd been a fortune on ebay after they became out of production. It seems odd to suggest I should support GW in bringing them back, they don't really need my supports, but I'd wanted them for a while and even if I was to never paint them they're an investment. Crimson Court were also for painting reasons. Its been a while since I did an Underworlds warband [and it'll be a while yet before I do another one] but these are great figures and when i do get round to them I think I'll learn something from the experience.

Magazines were once again a feature of my spends. Its a sneaky way of buying more figures though without saying it's more figures! 😎 I got quite a lot for my £20 with a 50% sale at Hachette. I bulked out my Death Guard for Armies on Parade and everything for that eventually got painted! I also got terrain pieces - a Munitorum Container, Promethium Relay Pipes and Haemotrope Reactor. They might not have been painted but they were built and will eventually get done. I feel no shame for terrain but will endeavour to box them off next year.

One, or perhaps two mistakes were the Tyranid and Imperial Knight Codex. They're great books, but I have not played 40k with them at all, seriously devaluing they're worth. I had thought I'd pick up a Malaceptor at the end of last year but I really can't justify that now, even with the rules to use it. A second hand Zoanthrope was just about acceptable. Rumours surfaced mid-year suggesting new nids in 2023 but things have gone quiet. I may be interested if there are but again not for gaming.

I think I am happier with my Knights but even their rules are too complex and this push to have more Armigers in your army doesn't sit well with me. It's sufficient to spark a desire for 2 more though. Which would give me the options to max out 3 of each or 4 and 2. I'm holding strong though, I need to as I'm also hankering for the Adeptus Titanicus starter set! What is wrong with me? I suffered through my Reaver and 2 Warhounds for over 2 years, but now that I'm done I want to jump back into that pit? I haven't played AT yet and I can't imagine playing soon. But I think I just want more 'giant robots'. Both these and the Armigers fit the bill. The starter set is such a bargain though and I have my leaving gift from my last job burning a hole in my pocket and I want something to show for it hobby-wise. 

I guess I'm just hanging fire in 2023. Build some more of what I've got that on the sprue, stick to my TO DO LIST on what I paint and come March or mid-year see what takes my fancy then. But for 2022 I've been sensible as I almost forgot - that includes £32 worth of paintbrushes! I finally invested in some quality ones, which again is a more sensible choice of how I spend my hobby money - on hobby tools and paints, rather than add to the grey pile of shame! Maybe I can do the same next year, or with that disposable cash splurge it on something silly, but otherwise 2022 has been OK.

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