Tuesday 27 December 2022

Adeptus Titanicus - Titans in Manufactorum - White pics

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer #AdeptusTitanicus. Here are the pics on a white background for you to enjoy.

All the angles and some close-ups which help show off some of the detailing I added.

Although far too many pics to comment on everything so I'll only chip in where it's relevant.

I loved using the Armiger numbers here - massive numbers always look cool, even on tiny models ;)

I put off doing the Void Shield glow for so long but they came out really well. Thinned down Bahama Blue craft acrylic with Nihilakh Oxide and then thinned white for the extreme highlights.

The green eye lenses added a dash of colour too, as well as the rust streaks.

The odd extra decal on the leg to add more detail.

I threw on that campaign badge on the knee. Don't like it, should have done a blue heraldry knee-pad. Maybe I'll come back to it in the future. 

It was missing the knee joint endcap but I used a Imperial Knight decorative cog to achieve the same thing. If I get more Reavers I may do it again. More big numbers on the leg.

And on the missile launcher. You can also see how I covered up the white griffon decal with blue and orange to create a colour legio badge. I wouldn't want to do it on all of them, but it worked here.

The chainbalde.

I added a kill marking decal on the chainblade, not the best choice but it needed something.

I spend so much time agonising over these extra decal choices and half the time it makes no difference. As with the knee pad where it doesn't work it doesn't matter, I can't be bothered to change it at the moment so won;t bother.

Warhound, love the red of the guns alongside the blue of the VSGs and yellow and grey of the titan armour.

Plasma weaponry - not my best plasma effect but I was trying something new and it's alright.

The three titans together.

Alternate weapon option on the Warhounds.

And there we go - the question remains will I go for more and if so will it be more of the same with the starter set or a Warlord?


  1. My vote is for the Warlord :-) I muck about with decals so much, I usually end up removing or painting over half of them. I love the Legio badge you made. I have no idea what the original looks like, but it fits the model really well.

    1. You only have to go back 12 years to see what their badge looks like ;) https://www.40kaddict.uk/2010/12/epic-adeptus-titanicus-part-1-war_20.html

      I actually think I'll end up with both the starter set and the Warlord eventually but I'm just trying to justify both actions really. Add to that I feel the urge for a couple more Armigers it seems like a lot of big robots one way or another.

      Then again, I did see a Warlord earlier today that looked awesome. It was red, so not my colour scheme but it gave me a push in that direction. I get the point though - better to have something different than more of the same. Although I learnt a lot on these and hope should I go down that route when it eventually comes to the Warlord I'll be in a much happier and productive state of mind so it will feel like a joy, rather than a chore...

    2. This one: