Friday 9 September 2022

#DeathGuard #KillTeam Four Plague Marines -TO DONE!

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've continued #PaintingWarhammer Death Guard Kill Team in a #Blanchitsu stylee. Technically my #NewYearNewArmy for #ArmiesOnParade. This was 5 days work to get them finished and I am so happy with the result.

It gives me confidence that I will get the Plague Marines done at least - a decent enough force for my Ravenwing to hunt in my AoP display.

The Poxwalkers might be more of a challenge, so I have started laying down some base colours to see if they can follow a similar process. They have some different materials, rather than power armour so it's a little more challenging with flesh too.

The sickly green plasma glow worked really well here. I had been somewhat sceptical and unsure about the choice but it turned out OK, even with a little OSL glow on his arm and tiny tentacle.

And the purple cloak - plenty more purple and sepia washes to make something look filthy. So it doesn't actually look like a purple cloak just something that has been repeatedly stained. Perhaps this is how I should approach the skin of the Poxwalkers?

The occasional mustard yellow accent in place, usually on skulls adds a little extra. 

But the rust is working, even if it isn't the renowned Dirty Down Rust I'm pleased with the results.

And the slightly darker Red Planet BASE stones works better than my original test model.

I love the effect on his belly armour. Again I'm sure I could have added some highlights and it would have been equally as interesting but I wanted to move away from lighter models.

This means they're easier to paint and different to how I would normally do something and different is good. It pushes you, challenges you and maybe elevates your skill level.

The rusty sword came out OK, as did his horns. The closest to Blanchitsu I've ever done I think

The grenades were a little annoying as I still wanted orange grenades like my Dark Angels, but didn't want them to look like rust. But also some are actual skulls so I had to play around.

Here we are with my five finished Plague Marines - the difference is subtle between these four and the test model.

I won't be changing him, there's no point really as I still like what I achieved with him. 

But the point of a test model is to try things out and I was always happy with the step before I did the highlights and when I had 4 come together that I was happy with I see no point to go further.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the pics and then I've got white pics next week. 

So, here's the last Great Big BLESSED VERDIGRIS Stamp of Approval for the 2021/22 Hobby Season! I know, it's confusing but I'm sure you can all keep up.

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