Sunday 21 August 2022

The 2022/23 Hobby Season starts soon, join me!

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #warhammercommunity the 2022/23 hobby season will be starting soon so for those alumni who joined in last season it's time to start looking back at your TO DO lists - at what you've TO DONE!, what might have slipped and those lovely unexpected successes that happened despite life getting in the way and loss of mojo - I speak from experience [yet again].

The original plan when I started with 'great big stamps of approval' was that I wouldn't do multi-coloured stamps, just alternate between red and green, but who was I kidding? I absolutely loved the Great Big BLESSED VERDIGRIS Stamp of Approval, I'm only sad I didn't get to use it as often as it deserved! But despite that, my own review of my season feels so satisfying, so I can't complain. But what of the official 40kaddict 2022/23 Great Big Stamp of Approval? Well, I decided to continue the theme from weathered copper and bronze to good old weathered iron and steel. That's right folks, Great Big Rusty Stamps of Approval all round. Not only that, there are again subtle shades of rust. I know it's similar in tone to 2020/21's Great Big Granite Stamp of Approval, but I'm definitely feeling this more, so I hope you like. Feel free to download and use them on your blog as and when you get stuff  'TO DONE!'

Or you can record your achievements with an 'unbranded' version.

And should you feel inclined to differentiate your efforts yet further here 's the major goal stamps

And minor goals [which I actually found a use for last season].

And I also got the Big Build...

 and Base [and obviously Prime] Stamps done too. I heartily recommend this video from Tabletop Minions to understand where I was going with the 'Big Build' concept, he's touched on and expanded exactly why I created this a few years back.

Just a reminder of what it's about, in 2011 I made my first To Do List, amusingly it now looks like this:
  • AoBR Tactical Squad
  • AoBR Dreadnought
  • AoBR Terminators
  • Scout Squad
  • Ravenwing bike squad
  • Dark Angel Drop Pod
  • Purity Seal all of my son's Tyranids
  • Gloss Varnish all of my son's Tyranids
  • Tyranid Prime
  • Mycetic Spore
  • Paint Vent Tower
  • Paint defence platforms x4
  • Complete pot pourri vegetation
  • Complete future containers
  • Complete 40k Cathedral tower
  • STC Single story ruin
  • STC Hex Defence platforms
  • STC Targus Assault Blockade
  • STC Vent tower
  • STC Athena plateau
  • STC Mercury plateau
  • STC 40k Cathedral tower
  • 60mm Dreadnought crater
So 4 things still haven't been done and quite frankly never will ;) . The purpose was to try to focus my efforts to outline a list of things I'd love to do over a twelve month period and if I achieved any of them great, all of them, so much better. But more importantly I needed a structure to cling to when my efforts became aimless. That's not to say deviations from the list were forbidden it was more for when I went 'well what's next?'

It became an annual blog post to review what I'd done and set new tasks. Throughout the season I would reveal my 'To Dones!' as completed items both on and off the list. Showcase posts are nothing new to hobby blogs but again it was a structure to help build the identity of this blog. Then, in 2014 I invited readers and passers-by of the blog to join in. Well, when you have a good idea why not share it around? I got about 10 people joining in and it looked like we were quite a supportive little bunch. I think over time steam ran out a little bit, but folk continue to join in each season and hopefully the same will ring true for 2021/22.

To help things out a bit I've created a Hobby Season Facebook group, it's here:

So, if you're joining in just ask and I'll add you into the group, that way you can share your blog posts or any efforts to those also joining in. I hope this platform will allow more interaction for those taking part and keep us all motivated.

I guess the last question is why 28th August as the start/end date, why not January 1st?
I think back in 2011 it was at that time I thought a structure needed to be in place and it was as good a time as any to post a To Do List, afterall the footy season starts around this time too, no one complains about that, do they?

Anyway, 28th August join me for the new Hobby Season :)


  1. I will join you again this year! I feel like I have been very lax with my blogging efforts. Hopefully I can improve over the last 6 months of 2022.

    1. Thanks Marc, I feel lax too. I have had more regular gaming and less hobby. The battle reports are less interesting to write and not really very popular, but I write them for some kind of record or acknowledgement of the game, not for likes. They are time consuming though which is a bit frustrating.

      Anyway, the hobby season [and blogging] is never there a beat stick, it's a carrot if anything else. It's supposed to help and guide, give structure to the potential swirling chaos of a fickle hobby mind. But, we know full well that following your muse is highly productive and if it's off list no problem. Its when the muse deserts us, that we have no idea where to go, that the list come into it's own, as does blogging.

  2. Totally in! See ya next season. Thanks for the effort on the stamps!

    1. You're welcome, it's nice to have something to commemorate your achievements.

  3. I'll join in for my first season.
    Been lacking mojo to paint or keep my own blog to to date recently, so this may actually help me get hovbying again.

    1. Glad you like the concept. I can't guarantee how effective it can be in motivation, but there are definitely times where it's helped me structure where to go next in the hobby. Then again I'm more than happy to go off list whenever the muse takes me.

      The only other issue is most folk are happy to do this on hobby resolutions at New Year, then review what they do at the end of the year. That makes some sense but reviewing your hobby output over the festive period seems like an inconvenience to me.

      I end up feeling a little petty though for having chosen my own format for this hobby progress and not joining in the more traditional approach. But that doesn't mean you can't do both - whatever helps your mojo. I'm just a grumpy stick in the mud ;)