Thursday 6 January 2022

'nids part 321 - Tyranid Primes - Big Build TO DONE!

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been contemplating my original Tyranid Warrior to Tyranid Prime conversions. The twin Bonesword Prime first featured in this blog in 'nids part 2 just over 11 years ago. On the plus side I look at that post and I can see how both my writing and painting has improved.

I thin built a second Prime in September 2011, there were some WiPs too, you can access them here, or through the tutorials tab. I kitbashed the Lash-whip from a Devourer, florist wire and a Mawloc claw. Alongside the original 3 Warriors they're all starting to show their age a bit. Not just how the Turquoise feathering on the chitin was executed but the colours themselves.

The Decoart Turquoise I use now is much more vibrant than the pale mix I created and I no longer do the 'liver' colour for the muzzle and fleshy bits - it starts off Khorne Red. On top of that the bone colour goes much paler. Some of these element won't need too much updating, perhaps, but I'm also adding 50mm bases to the Primes. It'll add another 3mm to their height, making them even more imposing so they stand out against normal Warriors. Also, the Tyrant Guard weaponry might look cooler than my weedy kitbash.

I decided to keep my twin Bonesword old skool, even though I'm no fan of his 'Rending Paws'. I glued the bases down and used tile adhesive/grout to blend the bases together.

And for this I get a Great Big Big Build BLESSED VERDIGRIS Stamp of Approval.

I primed the bases with my truly awful Simoniz Red Oxide Primer. Loads of shaking and it still won't mix properly. I managed it in the end though, using a toilet roll tube to mask off the model itself and just spray the base. Then I went on with my standard Red Planet Base process. I've also added Bahama Blue to the chitin and Khorne Red in all the fleshy bits. Sepia Washes next.

Here's my Great Big Big Build Base BLESSED VERDIGRIS Stamp of Approval.

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