Friday 1 October 2021

Imperial Knight - Armiger Helverins Big Build BASE TO DONE! #Dreadtober part 1

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity it's the first of #Dreadtober and I've been Red Planet basing my two Armiger Helverins. It's quite a challenge to get the order right as both the basing and the metallics will require sponging/stippling and there will be mishaps.

I also hope to do the tiles as red marble, which will be difficult as the scale of the tiles is much smaller than my display board. I'll work it out though.

The second Helverin, the base has come out really cool considering it's scratch built. Hopefully the torso and guns will help balance how far back it looks. Of course I was planning on a different pose so it's composition is a bit odd now.

You see it looks like there's a lot of space on that side. It feels like it need a corpse in it. Maybe something to consider after it's finished.

Army Painter Rough Iron [Warplock Bronze equivalent] will be next on all the legs and ffet.

With that first post out of the way hopefully that shows my commitment to the month. Granted I haven't posted or done much hobby recently - mojo is low and I'm finding social media less pleasant than I'd like so I'm trying to take a break from it. But this community project is worthwhile and should help me get back into things in the right way. I also have a bit more time as my eldest is back at Uni. 
Here's my Great Big Big Build Base BLESSED VERDIGRIS Stamp of Approval.


  1. Great bases. Great beguining

    1. Cheers, this is always the 'starting point' for me. Although technically there's always an unmade or unpainted model I never want to begin with that as a blank canvas. So it's always primed and based. That way if I pause a a project I'm never coming back to it cold and still have to do all that tedious stuff!

  2. I love those bases; very thematic