Thursday 28 October 2021

Imperial Knight - Armiger Helverins TO DONE! #Dreadtober part 9

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity it's the 'ninth' of #Dreadtober and I'm continuing my #Imperial Knights Armiger Helverins. OK, I hold my hands up, it's a big jump from my last post, sorry.

Once I started with the battle damage there just didn't seem much point in intermediate shots, they looked almost complete.


I did promise myself I might cover in detail some of the process in the TO DONE! post, but I'm not sure what to add really, but I think it was about my yellow so perhaps it was this:

I noticed that my Instar Vintage IV-16 - Iyanden Darksun equivalent appeared much lighter than my VGC Sun Yellow.

From where I had the yellow previously I would blend in some IV-16, but then when I added the Sun Yellow it would actually make the IV-16 darker.

Well, darker is misleading, the Sun Yellow would act almost like a glaze.


So it took the blend and left the lightest part and just made it such a vibrant bright yellow, rather than the sandy yellow IV-16 is.


When I'd originally put the IV-16 on I was quite dismayed about the all the tones in the shaded Gamboge that was disappearing.

But the Sun Yellow gave me a completely different colour that was more in keeping with the rest of my Knights.

I am considering that will be the bulk of the Adeptus Mechanicus terrain I will do, no IV-16 but some Sun Yellow in places for edge highlights - the best of both worlds.


This chevron Knight has been an Armiger pilot so long that his red Raven armour has almost been completely replaced with yellow and black.


He really stands out among all my knights because I used so much of the pattern.

It's jarring in a way, but I don't regret it.

I wanted to experiment and I still have a sadness about not doing House Hawkshroud. 

I love their special rule and would rather have had the half-damage because I think that makes a Knight army much more usable.

I know Raven has excellent rules, possibly better, but personally that durability is something I really envy.

Oops, close-up shows up that trapped hair on the lense. I might have to find a way to remove or cover it. 

The bases are also something I'm not wholly happy with.

On their own they're not bad at all.

The resin one is really great, but the gravel is a slightly different scale to my others.

The scratchbuilt one is also much better than I hoped but I didn't think it through and try to match my existing Warglaives.

They used a similar mix of sand, but also some bits of rubble and debris, which I didn't use on either of the Helverin bases. So, despite managing to keep the reds consistent across all four we have two matching bases and two random ones that don't. We have three red Armigers and a random yellow one. 

I'm over the moon with them, but I would mark myself down just for the lack of consistency as a group. Again, nothing I really care about, just a critical observation.

This is the first thing I've completed for my Hobby Season, so I get my first Great Big BLESSED VERDIGRIS Stamp of Approval! I got my Serotonin high but I also felt quite drained by the process. I had hoped this would kickstart my hobby mojo but I think I may need to take it a little more slowly. I hasten to add I've had some migraines recently [minor ones, but uncomfortable nonetheless] so I could probably do with getting my head right without feeling pressure to paint. So, I feel especially proud of both the models and the stamp because I did it despite how I was feeling. Anyway, more white pics to follow...


  1. Great work! Congratulations on the results. Hope things get better health-wise. The Hobby should be a journey and not a destination...

    1. Thanks DAM, I think it's just general fatigue. Even though I am getting much more sleep now I am going to bed around midnight so I do wake up a bit woolly still, as I did pre-COVID, when I was going to bed at that time and my alarm set for 5:35!

      Anyway, the migraines were a minor inconvenience, just dull headaches, but with slight dizziness and nausea, hence why I knew they weren't just headaches. Unfortunately, when I did my Armies On Parade photographs I wasn't paying too much attention with my two spotlights on. The light burned into my retinas and next minute I was seeing flashes all across my vision which did the damage to migraine.

      I really just need a few early nights just to rebalance my brain. I'm too eager to watch TV or scroll the internet instead though...

  2. Fantastic finish, Dave! Let me know which photos you would prefer on the final blog post, as I can't pick :-) I am trying to do a couple for each project this year so people can see different angles.

    1. First one was my favourite. Anything else I don't mind, you choose there must be some different views or the close ups that would suffice. There are white ones due tomorrow if you have time to wait.