Tuesday 6 April 2021

Terrain is everything - Munitorum containers primed

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity it's #TerrainTuesday but lets not kid ourselves, I'm never going to stick to a routine of sharing terrain WiPs EVERY Tuesday! Anyway, munitorum containers...

I primed these with black first and if it looks ropey, that's deliberate. I used some almost empty cans and half-pressed the nozzle to get really spitty spray droplets to add some texture. This first one then had some Green Stuff World One-step Crackle Paint [Martian earth] added to create paint flecks.

The other two started with Vallejo Oxid Paste for rust effect and then crackle paint.

I was experimenting to see which was the best order and I think crackle paint then oxid paste was probably the best way to go.

Here you can see how I used the oxid paste to blend the crackle paint into the texture.

This one was oxid first and then crackle and it appears odd looking to me - too separate.

Perhaps the next zenithal prime will blend it together?

Yep, sure did. So much so I don't know which is which now.

And the red oxide primer has even blended the spitty black prime too, mores the pity. 

You might just be able to make out some texture on the flat, but the oxid paste overshadows any subtlety elsewhere. 

I have planned these three to be red, yellow and white, but I also complicated things by deciding they will have centre stripes - red/white, yellow/black and white/orange. I can never just make things easy on myself!

I'm hoping the red one can be a darker red, which will be a challenge as usually I just end up with my vermilion across the board [literally].

I may even try the salt weathering technique again on the white one - it'll be white anyway so any errant salt stains won't be too bad, but will these cool cracked paint flakes stand up to scrubbing off any subsequent paint layers?

Lots more shadow washes and weathering to do before I apply the top colours. Until then, in absence of a 'base' [I always consider it 'base and prime' anyway] here's my Big Build Great Big Granite Base Stamp of Approval.


  1. Thanks Peter, I've found a really good weathering tutorial that is just purely sponging but gets great results. I'm going to follow it to see if I get what I'm after.