Tuesday 13 April 2021


Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity you may recall [pre-COVID] my local* Manchester Warhammer store had a monthly painting challenge. In fact this was my plan in February 2020... best laid plans and all:

February - Big Model - Dark Angel Redemptor Dreadnought
March - Character - Blood Bowl Ogre
April - Squad - Blood Bowl Team
May - Big Model - Land Raider? 
June - Character - ?
July - Squad - Deathwing Knights

Of course the pandemic scotched that, but in August they decided to create their #McrBattleOfTheBrush challenge online. Since then I've been entering my efforts but hadn't really kept track of what I entered so thought I'd keep a record here:

August 2020

My Blood bowl Ogre in the Single Figure category.

September 2020

My Old Skool Middenheim Marauders Team [minus the Ogre, but I like this picture more] in the Squad category.

October 2020

Oops, somehow I totally missed the entry post for this and didn't share an entry. So much for #HobbyStreak

November 2020

Deathwing Knights in the Squad category. This won one of the three 'Best in Show' awards for the category.

December 2020

Galvanic Servo-haulers in the Squad category. This won one of the three 'Most inspiring' awards for how the judges would paint their version if they got that model.

January 2021

Tyranid Tyrannofex in the Large Model category. This won one of the three 'Best in Show' awards for the category.

February 2021

Nurgle Blood Bowl Team in the Squad category. This won one of the three 'Best in Show' awards for the category.

March 2021

Adeptus Titanicus Cerastus Knight Lancer in the Single Figure category.

So, you can see I've been a tad successful in my efforts, despite the quality of the entries being exceptional. Not just super-high quality but entrants with significant quantity - dozens of miniatures over all categories. I'll say it again though - I don't participate for the awards. I paint my figures, I had always tried to meet the criteria of the entries - 4 of each category. If I had something I was painting and meet a deadline then that was in, if I couldn't meet the deadline I entered something they'd never seen or I'd submitted before. It was all about motivation, joining in and sharing with my local hobbyists. Gutted I missed that October one but I've got plenty more to share - my Tyranid VSG, Rippers etc. Maybe I'll even finish these bloomin' Aberrants, or EVEN the Land Raider...! Check out if your own local GW/Warhammer store is doing a similar challenge and join in.

*local - as in that's where I work, I'm also joining in a lot of WiP posts at Warhammer Liverpool, which is actually my nearest store to where I live. This is also great motivation, even if I'm not being particularly productive at the moment.


  1. You have done some really incredible work over the past 6 months, mate. Those servo-haulers, in particular, are eye-popping. Im not surprised the judges found them inspiring. My local GW has a competition running every 4-6 weeks or so, but you need to buy into it each time. It has kept the business going, but I can't enter it every time (particularly if I am getting 2nd Ed. stuff of ebay at the same time!). The camaraderie within the store has really grown, though, with heaps of people posting WIP shots that usually wouldn't.

    1. Thanks Marc, the store has had those sort of competitions in the past where you buy a specific figure and paint it. I don't disagree with the idea but there are around 40 entries in this format, in all those categories! As I say, some folk are submitting multiple items, not in attempt to win just because that's what they've done.

      Now, not all those entries will be items bought in that particular store, but there will be some. More importantly it creates a community and vibe in the store. It encourages progress and in turn might generate some additional sales by having that thriving community.