Friday 30 April 2021

Blood Bowl - Nurgle Team - ROTSPAWN - Big Build [and base] TO DONE!

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been to #Warhammer World and as there was a Forgeworld model for #BloodBowl that I needed for my Nurgle team I thought I'd treat myself. It's is a bittersweat treat though. I like the model, a bit. It's painted amazingly but the head is a bit meh! 

Really, this could have come with a 2nd head option, in case you wanted an alternative. Unfortunately though it's not a particularly impressive model.

 For £21 there's not much to it. In fact I put it next to a Battle for Macragge Space Marine and it's only the horns that make it bigger.

I mean it's reasonable enough as a figure but this should be no more than £16 in my book. Then again plastic Genestealer HQs can cost £17.50, so maybe it is a fair price. I just feel I could have done better. I did want one of the Gellerpox Infected from Kill Team Rogue Trader, or even convert a Nurgle Rot Fly, which would have been significantly more impressive. Ultimately I just opted for the easiest solution and now I have to live with it. Remember when I said I wouldn't be buying any more models for the remainder of the year? That was March! So much for promises...

The plan is to treat it as a Witchetty Grub - it's body will be cream, as I can't get that colour on it any other way. Usually the the team colours had cream for the trousers, but it has none. I want it to be the most disgusting player in my team - bring it on. For now - my Great Big Granite Big Build Great Big Build Stamp of Approval. And it also got primed with Army Painter Bonewhite and based, so it gets the Big Build Great Big Granite Base Stamp of Approval too.

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