Monday 11 May 2020

Dark Angels - Deathwing Knights - GREENS and stuff!

Afternoon #warmongers and I am still #paintingwarhammer Dark Angel Deathwing Knights. It's felt like quite a chore to be honest, and I know it's advisable when it stops being fun to stop but these NEED to be done and sometimes it's worth pushing through.

The green in particular didn't feel up to the standards |I set myself.

The Orkhide Shade highlight did not go on well and my Valejo Goblin wasn't great either. I tried some additional glaces to smooth things together.

And then went back in with some more black to shade things further.

I think I even used a black wash and some of my Army Painter Quickshades are coming out glossy [well I never really shake them so that could be my fault].

But I'm not bemoaning that fact as I know my Anti Shine varnish will cover up any matt/gloss discrepancies.

So although it was quite a challenge to get to this point and I was close to chucking it all in I think I've just about salvaged it to a standard I'm happy with.

And my odd 2 Terminators also got brought up to speed too.

I went back and painted the skull on the base grey, as I wanted a thoroughly bleached white skull effect. I mean I've had red Genestealer skulls on bases and now a white one and my Old One Eye skull is carbon black. I've never reallyu settled on anything that I'm 100% happy with, maybe the red one still has Stealer flesh on it while this has been picked clean and OOE's is black because, well he's OOE, who knows how he was gene-spliced to keep alive!

Anyway, verdigris next and we know how well that goes...

Oh, and they got featured on the Hobby Roundup on Warhammer TV as well, unfinished! Which is great but also a little sad because they will be better at the end...

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