Friday 22 May 2020

Dark Angels - A pair of Deathwing - TO DONE!

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've also finished #paintingwarhammer a couple of Dark Angel Deathwing. These were thrown in with the Deathwing Knights as it seemed like it'd be easy to do it as one big squad. That was a mistake. This was a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield conversion of the Dark Vengeance terminator sergeant.

This guy is from Space Hulk.

And alongside my previous Dark Vengeance Deathwing I'm really pleased the painting, although possibly very different in approach is still consistent in look, despite the time difference.

Probably not the best comparison shot as the new figure is in shadow 😉

Hopefully, this looks more consistent between the two new ones and old ones.

Still not sure about the skull, I tried adding some rust effect on it, yeah, I know it sounds odd. But, the Red Planet BASE means I can use orange rust wash to get a colour matched 'effect'. Worth a try, I can always go back and fix it when I have more patience.

Just see his tribal stripes on the back of his terminator armour.

Forgot to do all the turquoise highlights on the Genestealer skull, maybe they bleach out with age...?

Should have done more damage and weathering on the green debris, but was losing the will on this so just wanted it done. Once again, I can go back.

However, I do regret choosing to give him his tribal marking on his kneepad as the back is rather empty without that splash of extra red.

So many purity seals though!

Converted Vs unconverted sergeant.

Check out the size of the Space Hulk Terminatore Vs the Dark Vengeance one. Now I know he has extra height with that base debris and he's squatting slightly less but even so - this should be the size of all the terminators. 

Of course you could say "scale creep" and you'd be right, but that Dark Vengeance model is probably bigger than the Assault on Black Reach Terminator too. You can see he's nearly as tall as the Deathwing Knight, which has a taller base but is considerably newer, so the scale creep between the Space Hulk marine and the Knight is minimal.

Anyway, two more done.

And my Big Galactic Stamp of Approval for being a good boy!


  1. Nice work mate; urge to paint Deathwing is rising...

    1. I am cracking on with the Land Raider so Deathwing still for me but I'm having an allergic reaction to the stippling/dry-brushing. Maybe I'm too posh to dry-brush? To be fair it's not all bad it just feel untidy in an uncontrolled way, rather than looks intentional... I think I need to be patient. It'll all coalesce at the end.

  2. If you remove the space hulk wedge bases before fitting to the round base there really isn’t any scale creep between the two mate. It’s your bases ;) I used two of the SH Termies in my squad They look fabulous as always my Dude!

    1. Fair enough, perhaps I underestimated the Space Hulk base 😉 the figures are great though. Shame they haven't done a print run of it in a while...

  3. They came out really well, I do like how you managed to integrate the Space Hulk bases in.

    1. Ta, I'm sure I'll consider tinkering with it again in the future but there isn't too much satisfaction in adding extra detail to things... although the flock on the Blood Bowl team felt totally worth it!