Monday 30 December 2019

Blackstone Fortress - Espern Locarno and Beastmen - basecoats

Despite my muse being the Middenheim MaraudersI was suddenly overcome to get my #blackstonefortress commitment done. Basecoats on the Beastmen - following my Garrek's Reavers colour scheme - Stonewall Grey for the hair, brown for the horns [I'd do the hooves the same too], Khorne Red fur/skin, gun metal and Brass Scorpion.

Purple wash over everything.

Hair in particular looks very different.

Khorne Red highlights on the skin/fur

Then Bloody Red highlights

Not 100% happy with things, think they still need some more highlighting but don;t want to lose the redness.

Espern Locarno was more in keeping with Steelheart's Champions - Stonewall Grey for the tabard, purple for the cloak and Warplock Bronze.


  1. Those are coming along well. I got some Blackstone games in myself recently and am inspired by that and your work to get some paint on the models!

    1. I think the GW advice, which we've followed, of splitting things up will no doubt help. I thought Liam would want us all to base them the same though, with him taking on that task - he needs the Chaos Cultists to match his other Cultists. However we're all doing them similar but not identical so it should be OK.

      Alternatively I think for our next game he already has plenty of painted miniatures we can substitute in so our games are a little more cinematic. I look forward to our next adventure.