Monday 16 December 2019

Blackstone Fortress - Espern Locarno and Beastmen Big Build - TO DONE!

After our game of #BlackstoneFortress we each went away with a unit of 'baddies' and our respective hero. I think I got the hardest part with the Beastmen but as I paint more than anyone else that might be the best disposition of the task.

I'd wanted to try the official Blackstone Fortress basing tutorial I hope the other guys give it a go too, so we have some consistency but it's Liam's game and he's just happy for it to be dark so if we all start from black it should all look similar. I sanded all the bases, added a small triangle of plasticard for some change in height and a small stone and debris for variety. I also used the 3D Dimensional paint to fill any gaps in the model. I'm thinking about painting them in the same colours scheme as my Garrek's Reavers, with one difference - Liam is not a fan of gloss varnish or even Tamiya Clear Red X-27 so I have to steer clear of those shenanigans.

Espern Locarno was based at the same time.

I'm not 100% sure on my colour scheme, although I'm lazily thinking back to my Steelheart's Champions as an option. The 'eavy metal version has a purple cloak so it would fit that but the white robes might offer a personal touch. all the metals will by my usual bronze fair.

In truth most of these had already been built by Liam so I don't really deserve the badge but I won't use them otherwise so what the heck.

And they're kind of based too, I mean not painted base which is the true criteria but... sod it.

Meanwhile, despite Liam saying he hasn't painted in months because he has no time, he only went and painted Janus Draik and the Ur-Ghuls in a day. He's still to do the bases but I'm suddenly very conscious about doing the Beastmen justice after he's done such an amazing job on his models...

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  1. Painted models add so much to games like that. Liam did a good job on his and I've no doubt yours will be good when finished.