Saturday 20 July 2019

4th Anniversary of the birth of the Man Cave

It's the 4th Anniversary of the birth of the Man Cave. Things are still going OK in 40kaddict towers. I did a rejig a month or so back and installed a second shelving unit to help store some figures.

There had been a second oil radiator I never used so I got rid of that giving me the space and somewhere to put my big figure case. I'm hoping it also gives good aeration round the bottom of the shed so it keeps the mold at bay - thankfully that's not been a problem since that first winter.

I still think a solar powered fan would help improve ventilation and I have a huge tin of Protek waterproofing paint so I can paint it again. There's enough for another four coats at least which will protect it for many years. The coats I've already put on it seem to have worked really well. The product is expensive but as it's the main thing protecting the wood worth the investment if I want it to last and last. I really just need to find time to paint it again.

Anyway, 4 years ago the Man Cave was born, then I took another 2 months fitting it out! Sometime I can't believe I ever did all that.

It also means my car is four years old too - those ludicrous wheels!

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