Friday 26 July 2019

Warhammer Underworlds - Ylthari's Guardians - Hobby progress at last

Horny dude! With a plan in my head I started to get the bark lighter, this was a pretty big gamble going pure white as there's no going back from it.

I left the red primer and bone primer visible in some areas - there's no point zenithal highlighting if you don't take advantage of it. Although I'll probably cover it all up with shade washes in the end.

Now at this stage I started to hit the snags with my blog which didn't inspire me to keep regular records of where I was at. It took a bit of time to reconcile the bases and suddenly I have the orange moss done and went for yellow leaves on the ground... how the hell that fits with the red leaves on the Sylvaneth because usually they go yellow, orange then red before they fall off. But this is all make-believe so maybe in my wood they go red, orange and the yellow when they fall off?

And horny dude progressed a fair bit while I was 'off grid'. All the skin tones got shaded with Bloodletter glaze, mixed with a bit of soft tone. I also shaded his sword and added Rhinox Hide to break things up a bit.

Leaves got painted red and Strong Tone was applied in places for greater depth, shading and to blend the end of his branches into the leaves.

The other guys got highlighted and skintone done but I haven't got round to shading the bark. The tree spirit went yellow, to try to capture some of the extra autumnal colours lost in only choosing red for the leaves [I appreciate I was trying to keep the palette of colours down but I'm also trying to capture all of the inspiration].

The halberd got shaded much the same way I see the standard green one done. Plenty more to do with highlights but early days. The haft game out really well and I suspect it'll be the most Birch-like element when I add in all the bark splits.

I went with the bow being orange, as that's the 'heart' of it but part of me things it might have been better with it white and the fixing orange but nevermind.

Lots of shading to do next to try and stop all the whiteness blending everything together.

Ylthari is a real challenge, her vines don't fit my design at all and I need to sort out her back thing. I can't glue her to the base either as then I can't get inside to paint. Still I'll get there eventually.

There we go - progress, finally! A good few hours [5 or 6] to get here. I doubt I'll get them done for this months' Squad painting challenge but they'll be ready for the next one.

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