Monday 27 May 2019

Terrain is everything - Sanctum Imperialis - Home stretch

By the time you read this the Sanctum Imperialis will be complete. All the finials have been painted,

as well as the buttons and lanterns.

Buttons and screens have been done internally too.

With just some select Tamiya Clear to be added after varnishing.

I tried to keep the button colour limited to warm colours, just didn't want yet another set of colours, it's already garish.

And, having bust a gut to meet the weekend deadline for the store painting challenge it turned out it is next weekend afterall! Still, having that deadline pushed me to finish so I don't mind.

Now what...?


  1. That looks gorgeous mate, I especially love the interior, it contrasts so well with the bold exterior colours. I'm glad you stuck to the scheme.

  2. This looks so good Dave! Your painting style is great, and really suits pieces like this where you can really go to town with the weathering and textures