Monday 6 May 2019

Dark Angels - Ravenwing Dark Shroud part 5

With both the Sanctum Imperialis and my Ravenwing Dark Shroud as priorities the Sanctum took preference when I balked at the Speeder, so when the Sacntum became troublesome I used the fact I had to patina the building to simultaneously do the same on the Speeder. Not that it'd likely weather in these areas [maybe the grav plate holds moisture in the up-wash...?].

But this was another example of 'misdirection', like how my Mum used to give us veggie-burgers with sausages just as a way to have more vegetables on our diet. If I'm going to push on with one troublesome task I may as well do the same on another project.

At the very least it's one less thing to do, to make it easier when I pick it up in earnest. Thankfully the thought of painting the black meant I was not easily distracted from the Sanctum.

I'll get back onto this when the Sanctum is complete but small steps. I think the controls and touch some of the metallics up will be next. I won't mention how I think the verdigris on the engines a little too much, the last hting I need is another crisis of confidence - just get stuff done and move on!


  1. Such an ugly but necessary addition to DA and Ravenwing Forces!

    1. I honestly don't know how I feel about its looks. Sure it is odd but I don't think I dislike it, which I suppose is a happier place for me than how most people feel about it.

  2. I do love that verdigris look, beautifully done!