Wednesday 24 May 2017

Dark Angels - Ravenwing - Banner Up!

One of the extra elements I have to do for the Ravenwing is their banner. So far I think I've done a half decent job although I'm dubious about my ability to render some of the fine details, particularly that rather scrappy diamond pattern.

The colours are suitably high contrast and vibrant, which is a shame as I like the earthy tones on the shaded scroll work but my own painting style won't allow me to leave it as such.

And so I've added the highlights and pseudo-fabric texture. Not looking forward to rendering text in here, recent efforts have not been what I consider a success.

The rest of my efforts have been directed at bringing the Plasma coils online. Two sets of OSL highlights here.

Yellow is going on next and then white, which seems like I'm adding yet more contrast and colours to the mix.

You can also pick out the green on black effect on the Ravenwing Champions Blade of Caliban. Another element I'm pleased with but question whether I should have chosen a different colour as the palette on these just keeps expanding

As much as I'm happy with the Plasma effects part of me wishes I'd stopped even earlier at the pre-verdigris stage below. The palette was considerably more simple but the addition of the Verdigris, again something that works in itself  has taken it from a limited palette to a riot of colour

And I've since added in the red headlamps and glow which is another level of colours again. I've also managed to match the opacity of the original Ravenwing bikes I painted, y'know the ones I wasn't 100% [probably not even 50%] happy with.

I'm sure they'll look great in the pictures and en masse once complete, an that is one of the rules not to pass judgement until they're complete but I can definitely see an alternate reality of Ravenwing where I stopped sooner, less is more deal. As it stands I've gone for more is more! Still, it's all consistent so we'll see how it turns out, they're nearly done now, here's what's left:
  1. Various targeting lenses
In addition individual models will need:
  • Apothecary - vials, tubes, symbols
  • Banner bearer - banner... oh my lord
And then the 'finishing' bits:
  • finish the bases
    • bonewhite chips
    • Khorne Red/Heavy Red edges
    • Mount the models [some drilling involved here]
  • Matt varnish
  • Tamiya Clear
  • Weathering powders
  • Gloss varnish [where needed]

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