Monday 14 November 2016

Where's my head @?

'Conspicuous by my absence' is probably the phase you're looking for. Obviously I don't need to apologise you'd all tell me it was OK, I'd normally say politeness compels me too and apologise anyway. I'll skip all that palarver and just explain what's been going on.

Number 1 - in reasons not to be posting is 'damn drop pods'. I knew as soon as I revealed I'd be working on them that'd put a jinx [not a jinks] on them. To be fair I now understand the effort involved and I don't think it's insurmountable, I just have no desire to do it. Therefore I did do some 'on list' diversionary tasks but not much and not anything worth sharing yet.

Number 2 - my head really has been in a weird space, been quite tired and headachy so given the option of an early[ish] night I actually took it.

Number 3 - and this is the big one, I saw a job advertised last Monday. It's a big deal and although it's a fixed term contract that fills me with bowel clenching fear [when Ive been 'happily' employed in my current post for 13 years follwoing a previous redundancy] in every other respect the job is ideal. Now I have to apply and that is considerably more effort than four 250 word responses to their questions, should take.

I certainly don't think number 3 has helped with number 2 and I'm spending a lot of time trying to gather my thoughts. I had a mini battle report but couldn't find the notes and will power to get it down. Fingers crossed it's momentary and once the application is out the way I can 'look forward' to an interview or not, in which case things will go back to normal.

Anyway, no need to wory, I'm still alive and Caledonian Highlander is this weekend so I should have Battle Reports for that and hopefully an update on Birthday Bash v2.0


  1. I am sure you have considered all aspects of the job situation and I wish you luck with it.

  2. Good luck with job situation

    Looking forward to sseing the drop pods

  3. Uncanny... the Head of Department job just opened up at in my faculty and I am going through the same process. And the same slump. Thank goodness I don't have any drop pods ;-) Hang in there chief!