Wednesday, 14 January 2015

'nids part 159 - MOAR Genestealers!

With 8 fresh Genestealers on sprues in Deathstorm I thought I best remove the ebay ones from the Dettol dip. Now there are 10 original Space Hulk stealers absent, as I kitbashed five of them with Scything Talons and carapace armour just to make them a bit different and form an evolutionary step between the various editions. When I did come to kitbash them I actually found another stealer so there will be 31 to add to my horde. But in this shot I've tried to distinguish broods of five:

These five use cutdown Carnifex carapace spines and scything talons. I've also mounted them on the remaining bits cut from my 2nd gen Space Hulk bases. this makes them taller so they look different on the battlefield and makes for more interesting bases.

Five Macragge stealers with Toxin Sacs on their pack, which will make them stand out

Scytals and claws with carapace armour

Five stealers with carapace armour and a rending claws but a mix of the two varieties of claw and some with two pairs of triple claws and some with two pairs of the ones like normal hands.

Of course I can combine scytal stealers together or carapace armoured stealers to make bigger easily identifiable broods. With these upgrades no longer having practical purposes it's all about making the unit more distinguishable and unique, particularly when most of the models share similar poses [the original Space Hulk and Macragge sets especially]. Anyway, I'll base them next and prime them but won't start painting until I've had a concerted effort on my WiP Dark Angels - they deserve some love.