Monday, 5 January 2015

Christmas Resin - all your base are belong to us

Happy New Year and you'll be pleased to note I have been busy over the holidays. i didn't get many 'toys' aside from the accompanying resin bases but as I did have the Deathstorm boxset I was kept more than occupied and this should at least provide some content over the next few weeks, which I confess has recently been lacking. Unfortunately I'd intended for this to be posted between Christmas and New Year but forgot to add the text to the pictures [and any other pending post for that matter] so I'm behind schedule. That's good news though because it means I should have half a dozen updates to share. Although I was hoping for this post about nothing more than a few bases to be lost in the Christmas reveries instead of heralding my triumphant return, c'est la vie.

For Christmas I asked for a number of Dark Art Miniature's resin bases they're for a number of things. This first one is for Project Z, yes I know it's not been revealed yet, but I'll get to it eventually. Both my brother and friend Pete [not to be confused with PeteB] got me this lava themed base, which is handy as I have the potential to muck it up and having a spare will be useful.

It won't be lava though, I'm hoping to make it look like the red rocks of Ferron Proxima bursting through the slurry of a Tyranid reclamation/digestion pit, which should be cool.

My brother also got me a couple of the 40mm Urban hero bases. I'd been after one of these for my Deathleaper model for Blog Wars but hadn't got it [or Deathleaper for that matter]. Now I can mount the model and have a spare for a Dark Angel character.

As you can see it's a really cool base, it come in two part so you can paint the rubble underneath. The original plan was to paint the flag as the Blog Wars logo shamelessly trying to secure the best painted Character vote ;) The irony is I think Deathleaper may have had his last chance at BW8 so whether I get to run him next time is in the balance.

And my brother also picked up a 60mm lava base, now I didn't ask for this but it was certainly welcome. This will form the base for my Deathstorm - Beast of Phodia Carnifex. I'm not about to entertain this new oval base but I recognise the opportunity to make it stand out. I will of course be magnetising the 'beast', I've learned the easy way [and therefore the best way] that magnetising a Carnifex is the only way to go. So I will be able to run him as the Beast of Phodia, or a dakkafex or any other variety should I so choose.

Once again though I will dispense with the lava theme [particularly in consideration of my irrational but technically rational fear of lava] and also represent the digestion pit. To this end I've already embedded a few spikes in the tiny spewing 'cone' to be more pit like

That's it but there'll be some actual hobby progress to follow soon. The Spawn of Cryptus has been painted and just yesterday I finished construction of my 20 new Genestealers and will be kitbashing some of the original Space Hulk Stealers to have scything talons and perhaps more dynamic. Of course none of those are on my To Do List but that's par for the course.