Wednesday 7 January 2015

'nids part 156 - The Spawn of Cryptus/Malanthrope

Gosh, this seems agaes ago now. Thanks to not writing the text to go with these the Spawn is now finished but here he is in all his basecoat glory.

It's amazing how quick he went together, essentially it's like painting just one Genestealer, even though he's actually twice the size of his broodkin. I was reminded how much I dislike painting them but only in a 'oh yeah I recall it being a chore' without actually feeling like it was, because there was only one. I'm sure when I get around to the 31 currently littering my workspace I'll revisit that feeling with a passion.

Which does also cover the state of my workspace, it's atrocious. i really need to tidy up but that in itself is an evenings work and then I'm not painting. However the Malanthope progressed concurrently with the Spawn, up to the point I did highlights.

As soon as the spawn started getting highlights the Malanthrope was sidelined.

It's currently in it's 'wash' state so I'll have pictures to follow and then it'll be on with the turquoise.

He's a curious beast, I still don't know how I'm going to transport him but no doubt I'll solve that problem eventually.

So that's your lot for now, hope that sate your hobby fix from the 40k addict ;)


  1. Transport. That is definitely an issue. I am bringing a dread mob and a stompa to LVO. I basically ordered a custom case to fit it all. Lots and lots of magnets. Is he removable from the base?

    Thanks for posting base coats btw. Always makes me feel better. Sometimes I'm painting a model and think "Why does my stuff look like poop" because many people don't post the early phases :).

    1. Currently the Malanthrope is in three pieces, the model, the rod and the base, so that may be the basis of his transport, although I may stick the rod to the model so it's just the two. I may well look to getting a figure case later this year, just can't bring myself to pay for it ahead of actual models though...

      Anyway, the great thing about having a blog for 4 years is you will nearly always having something relevant from back in the mists of time and here's my view WiP pictures and how you feel about the model as you're painting.

      Essentially it's only judge your model at the end, 9 times out of 10 that will work, of course sometime you could seriously screw something up but best to judge at the end.

  2. I think I misplaced the rod from mine (and picked up the worn one off the shelf) or they just supply a random one of the flying stand pairs, As I'm now putting mine together with a shorter one than yours, a spot of boiling water and gentle persuasion and the tail wraps round the stand and touches the base, so it should all glue together nicely and not be to hard to transport.

  3. Cant wait to see these completed. They are lovely models and your paint scheme will make them look fab