Friday 25 November 2011

Apocalypse - Over

Last Saturday was the Apocalypse battle at the local GW and having finally set on a list me and my son hto footed over to enjoy the 'early' Christmas party. We set everything up and waited for the rest of the eager combatants to turn. By a twist of fate we ended up on the side of the newly resurrected Necrons and as one guy with a number of Monoliths hadn't arrived a mass of the stores Chaos Space Marines turned up to take the middle as we started on the left flank opposite some Blood Angels in Rhinos. You can see the Tervigon, a Prime attached to the Hormogaunt Brood and the two broods of Genestealers by the tower [which contained three objective markers. 

Slightly further over were the Gargoyles and the shooty Tyranid Warriors and attached Prime. In the first turn Tom, the young lad with the Blood Angels burned up in the Rhino and managed to gain entrance to the Tower [damn] he also had the Death Company Dreadnought drop pod in just behind the shooty warriors as you can see below [yes the Drop Pod is that WFB tower...]

I'm not sure how long after these shots were taken but at some point the guy with the other Necron force turned up and the Chaos crew turned traitor [of course they did] and what followed was the chaos force proceeded to shoot/assault us in the same turn we assaulted then, it was all free-flowing and dynamic, mad, fun but also very weird. My son's Tervigon managed to spawn 15 Termagants [the max possible without pooping out]. We decided to barrel the adrenalin fueled Stealers over to the Dread, hopefully the rending Broodlord would have his wicked way as so often before. Th Hormies moved forwards and the Warriors poured fire into the tower hoping to thin out the Blood Angels squad in residence. The Termagants didn't do much and the Toxin Sac Stealers assaulted into cover and were pretty much wiped out as the Blood Angels Librarian with Might of Heroes and another psychic ability decimated them one by one.

Here you can see the whizzy Monoliths doing all sorts of weird Apocalypse things - Null Fields and such, I've no idea. The more experienced guys seemed to know what was going on and I wasn't on the receiving end of it but all these quirky rules were a bit hard for us average gamers to follow. Meanwhile the Adrenal Stealers seemed perplexed by the Death Company Dread. Where in the past they've done really well - rending claws tearing my Dark Angel Dread to ribbons on many occasion, this time nothing and they were whittled down for their efforts. The shooty warriors also suffered a number of wounds spread out over the squad.

The Gargoyles decided to have a bite of the Chaos Warriors hiding in the ruins, the ate one and then proceeded to be slaughtered to one plucky little flapping thing...

More tomorrow...

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