Friday 11 November 2011

Size is everything... excuse me, isn't 'Terrain everything'?

Well, I suppose it's a bit of both in this case. You may recall the new kitchen was fitted last month and with it came a new dining table. Some may say it's too big but 'some' would never say that to his wife! The old table was 118 x 76cm, and the new table is 150 x 90cm [a 5' x 3' table!] which translates to 127% more width and 118% more length [depending on which way you look at it].

Obviously these pics imply that Ferron proxima has bitten the dust and been replaced with the homeworld of Superted's side-kick Spotty but this is only due to a new Ferron Proxima battlemat awaiting printing.

Here's my son's Tervigon and Old Matt Black: Former hero of the Imperium to add a sense of scale. Considering it's only a minor increase in size it certainly seems like there's a lot of room. To play I think we'll rotate the table so we can finally setup long board edge-wise but our deployment zone will only be 6 inches in so we have the full two inches of killing ground to make the shooting phase effective.

Anyway, when the new battlemat is done I'll share it with y'all.

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