Friday 4 November 2011

Get your Dose

WARNING, this is not really 40k related so please don't panic but it's better than nothing.

Some may recall my post in September regarding the video for the music from the recently released Space Marine video game. I got to showcase some of the work my Facebook buddy, Sam Hayles. Well he's only gone and updated his Portfolio website. On it you can see his awesome CD cover designs for the likes of Earthtone 9 and Monstter:

Also his excellent playing card designs:

His work is really cool and potentially inspirational for those who are creative and if you're painting figures then yes, that means you. Additionally you can purchase some of his artworks [currently featured in the TV show Hollyoaks of all places?!], sticker packs, t-shirts and even a mug at the DOSEprodSHOP. Check out his stuff, he's a really cool dude.

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