Saturday 30 April 2011

WFB - More Empire swordsmen

Here we have another Magnificent 7 Swordsmen again it was the Blood Bowl starting model on 25mm bases. WFB 4th Edition High Elf spear heads glued to the front of the hand and the cone on the back as the pommel of the sword. The left arm was snapped above the elbow and glued twisted downwards. The High Elf shields were then glued on the hand and due to their size and gaps in the snapped arm were hidden from view.

My Heroquest Conan wannabe was their low-level Champion leader. Notice he's got a frost blade while the previous Swordsman leader had a heat blade, Fire & Ice baby! The unit was painted up in the Nordland colours and I think these look a lot better than my first attempt. I was really getting into the comic book highlighting at this stage, a lot of fun that gave quick and decent results. Sure they don't stand scrutiny but I was happy to have found a style that produced gaming ready figures and not lots of WiPs!

Here's a close up of my starting line-up, 'HUT, HUT, HUT!'

And another gratuitous shot of the Elector Count of Nordland - Rainier Wolfcastle ;) Cos we all love the Heroquest, right guys?

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