Sunday 10 April 2011

Belial and the Deathwing

I mentioned a while back that I'd noticed I'd forgotten to showcase my option for Belial. This is an original Librarian model and when I looked in my Codex I was going to run him as such and suggest his 'force weapons' just looked like Lightning Claws. Then I read that Belial didn't have a model and could have LCs so I thought I gad the solutions. There's still some work to go but this is how he was left, incomplete, many moons ago. You'll notice the Humbrol Acrylic Gloss that was wet blended into the orange

Below you can see how I naïvely wanted to accentuate the reinforced with green. Too much Bilious Green I think.

Another shot of his pose, the bledning looks a little better on the claws [if a bit chipped] can't decide whether to paint over it completely or use it as a base and do any highlights from this point. One other missing element is his base, Yep, he's on a base but it's the 'old-school' size. I have a new one but because the old terminators are slightly smaller I need to add in a sheet of slate to make Belial that little bit taller than the rest of the squad. He'll look great when he's done. Ideally a banner on his back would be good but I don't think I'd be able to secure it properly without snapping off constantly. 

Below are my AoBR Terminators in their Bonewhite first coat. Sadly I don't have a comparrison short with my Belial model so you can see the slightly larger scale. These guys will follow the Tyranid Bonewhite painting scheme I've adopted so next up will be some Gryphonne Sepia...

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