Thursday, 5 January 2017

Google+ commenting

In a recent discussion with my mate Ben about the blog he reminded me of the importance of responding to comments. I'd always prided myself in how I endeavoured to respond to anyone who took the time and effort to comment on the blog, I may not have always managed it but the intent was there. However, once again thanks to IT policy it's become difficult to comment as I can no longer access the front end of my blog. In the dashboard I can see when comments have been made but responding requires me to use alternative devices.

But there is a solution, Google+ commenting. I've used it before and wasn't overly keen. I was getting a lot of notifications on my phone which was distracting, but now I probably check independently anyway so I'm distracting myself regardless. I also didn't like how it automatically converted the introduction into a comment, it just seemed unnecessary. I know some of the other bloggers use G+ commenting, maybe they can speak up for it's benefits, but what I really wanted was peoples thoughts on my switiching.

I can stick to responding as an when I can using the current system or switch to G+ [still as and when I can but with added notification of a response], let me know your thoughts.