Friday, 9 December 2016


I have form with helping my kids with their homework... In the midst of my trying to motivate myself to do the Drop Pods I helped my youngest with his half term project. In the past I've made a model of a Neon atom and helped with the trees from a Savannah biome, each time I've probably done more than I should so why should making a Glyphis Shark be any different? So we start with a fabric softener bottle.

I then cut two arches out of cardboard and taped them onto the bottle.

Two dorsal fins, with L shaped supprts either side to make them stand tall.

The pelvic and anal [yes, that's right, anal] fins were added alongside and extension for the tail. I also added some more card inside the mouth so it wasn't flat but bulked out.

Pectoral fins were added and the caudal fin [the tail]. I attached two crescent shapes onto the caudal fin so it would be more rigid, add more dimension too it and help the tail structure hold together better. Teeth were added and lots more brown tap just to hold everything in place.

Papier mache - the wife took this as I helped cover the entire shark with kitchen roll soaked in PVA and water. The interesting thing was the paper towel had a spotty embosed texture that transferred perfectly, representing the rough sandstone texture of a shark.

And here's the youngest once it was painted - grey primer, white primer, black poster paint for the gills and some googly eyes.

A bit of red oxide primer in the mouth,

OK, I'm a bad Dad in just how much of a hand I had in this construction, but he did put half the papier mache on, painted the gills and helped with the spraying. I felt really guilty about it but I can;t help myself, he was clearly chuffed with the results though, I just hope he enjoyed making it together. Anyway, thoguht I;d share what you can make over a few hours with just a little bit of effort and a lot of brown sticky tape.