Tuesday 31 May 2022

Terrain is everything - Sector Imperialis Administratum - TO DONE!

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my Sector Imperialis Administratum. It's funny, the Blessed Verdigris has always felt like a step too far on these terrain pieces. The brown underneath always felt sufficient, yet I think it really works here. Despite an abundance of turquoise I'm happy with the result. 

The door itself wasn't as weathered, which fits with my Sanctum Imperialis. I am looking forward to seeing these alongside each other and how they sit together #ArmiesOnParade baby!

Now, I had ordered the mythical 'liquid talent in a bottle' Dirty Down Rust to play around with on these AC and heating units. Unfortunately they did not perform. Starting with a dark brown only the most yellow of the rust showed up. Multiple coats, reactivation with water, thick or thin application I only got yellow rust in tiny amounts. Whether that is because of the dark base, or the fact I applied a matt varnish beforehand that somehow prevented whatever alchemical reaction that causes the rusty goodness I don't know. So, I resorted to my Secret Weapon Rust Orange Pigment, mixed with Vallejo Model Wash Rust.

I'm down with this rust though, especially with the streaks that are dripping off the bottom over the verdigris. I briefly considered shading the rivets, but there are just too many of them. Not that the challenge wasn't worthy, I just felt there would be far too much visual noise with every rivet shaded. Some have some rusty leaks, but for the most part they're just highlighted. The dials have been filled with multiple layers of Vernidas gloss varnish. It shrinks like most varnishes, but far less, so you can get these almost glass lens results, which I really like.

And from the inside, much less weathering, which is also pretty cool.

I love how the floor tiles came out. It certainly would have been too much to have the internal wall and floor in this colour. It made a lot more sense to make the differentiation here than justify how the walls were a different colour on the inside, even when they're clearly represented as a rockcrete fascia on top of a metal core.

The yellow pipework was also a bit of fun, and the fastening and some of the stripes embossed on the cable made breaking it up with black hark back to my Knights and eventually my small AdMech force.

This top piece isn't attached, so it can always be removed to create an additional terrain piece if needed.

So much detail, hence why I will be putting this down as a 'Lord of War or Behemoth' in my hobby Bingo scoring sheet. I've plenty of terrain to score and this is much bigger than just a Munitorum Container.

The smaller corner piece as well, that's part of the whole, I haven't scored that seperately.

I just love how this came out. Again the Dirty Down had to be covered up but it's a learning experience and I;m sure I'll find the right way to use it eventually. It certainly stinks, no one mentions that in the videos, quite acrid, bleurgh!

I glossed all the buttons and that broken lens on the controller is Tamiya Clear Green X-25.

I also used Tamiya Clear Re X-27 and Clear Orange X-26 in places too.

So, here's my Great Big BLESSED VERDIGRIS Stamps of Approval! White pics to follow.


  1. Sweet terrain! Congrats on the completion.

    1. Thanks Dam. I'm about to start emptying the man cave to install some additional insulation in the floor. Everything is coming out so I am now painfully aware of how much stuff I am hoarding. Annoyingly terrain is taking up far too much space though. I have the unfortunate quandary of do I build something, or do I keep it on the sprue where it takes up a third of the space?

      Regardless I'm going to have to make some tough choices this weekend about what to keep and what must go.