Monday 2 May 2022

Terrain is everything - Sector Imperialis Administratum

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my Sector Imperialis Administratum. This is really weird as I can't seem to find any previous specific posts for this.

I have mentions of it and the odd pic here and there in What's On My Palette but I don't have a Big Build pic or when it was primed.

So here we are with Vermillion craft acrylic drybrushed over the Red Oxide primer. I think I may have added some additional black washes in places to add more contrast.

Further lighter Vermillion highlights in places and the odd scratch and detail around the damage to the wall. It was before this I 'd decided not to go with a cream interior as I had with my previous buildings.

Every time I do this I wonder what it would be like not to go to the extremes I do, with the ultra green Blessed Verdigris and all red walls. So not going cream inside was at least a nod to this.

And, I will still be doing the floor cream, so it felt like a sensible decision - the best of both worlds.

Here I started to pick out all the detail that will be Blessed Verdigris, and some that will be rusty too - the 'units' under the windows for instance.

With the floor cream I think this was definitely the right decision regarding how to paint the interior.

And the little corner piece - all of the outside banding will be full Blessed Verdigris.

The insides will be my weathered brassy bronze - with the metallics visible on only minor Blessed Verdigris. This represents the fact the exterior has been exposed to the elements and will have oxidised, whereas the interior will have sheltered from the elements by benefit of being inside.  

Only now it's an exposed ruin is the bronze beginning to go green. All the other panels, inside the walls, that have had their rockcrete cladding broken off will be rusted steel. It's a bit different, another dimension to the terrain, but hopefully it'll work out.