Friday 2 July 2021

Dark Angels - Deathwing Land Raider Redeemer - TO DONE! [Red Pics]

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer on my Dark Angels Deathwing Land Raider Redeemer and it is TO DONE!

Oh boy, this has been a challenge. It was roughly a year ago that I picked this back up with the plan to finish it. I felt motivated and confident.

Then the reality kicked it and it was easy to set it aside to find other things to focus on. It's come together brilliantly in the end though.

There's an irony that I painted over the original green doors - it was basecoated in bone, red for the weapons and green for the doors, although that was an overspray of a Blood Angels base. But now I remove all the green it could have benefitted from a little green, to match my Deathwing Knights - see later pics.

The right quartered heraldry was and addition, as was the number 1. I could have done that as a decal but I freehanded the lot. I think it tapers a bit towards the bottom, the scuff marks don't help to dissuade from the illusion but I'm still quite chuffed with the result.

As you'll know by now, the custom decals were an experiment. I felt the top of the tracks were too plain and thought I'd give them a shot. The process was deeply flawed, with the decal paper jamming in the printer, but luckily I had sufficient success to get some viable decals and they were applied SO successfully.

 If I'm honest, the top is now SUPER-BUSY compared to the SUPER-PLAIN. But it's better with, than without.


It's pretty cool model in the end. Quite the centrepiece, even if they're a bit rubbish.

Now this could be it's purpose - delivering the Deathwing Knights and you can see how just a small amount of green on tank would have linked it a bit more with the Knights.

I do have another 5 Knights to make up at some point. It would be nice to have all my terminators done. 

I don't think I could field a mono Deathwing army, but the 15 or so terminators I still have to build/paint would look pretty cool.

Chances are I never will field them, playing Dark Angels just feels far too complex for me to get the best out of them. I still need the Space Marine Codex and the Dark Angel Codex Supplement - too many rules for my old brain.

At least the Tyranid Codex is pretty simple and self-contained. 

Imperial Knights too are easier to play than other armies, it's just the more competitive ones are more complex to play.

There we go and here's the Great Big Granite Stamp of Approval - TO DONE! 


  1. Very cool. Congratulations on your results. So much detail in the weathering and such. it's no wonder it took so long to complete. no worries!

    1. It's a mix of questioning my confidence and decision making. You'd think after all this time I wouldn't still be casting doubts on my ability to finish this to a standard that I'm happy with, but I am. It's a further reminder that this is a mental challenge as much as a creative one and it's great when I can overcome those hurdles.