Monday 12 August 2019

Dark Angels - Ravenwing Dark Shroud part 8 - Windows and lenses

Work continues gradually on the Dark Shroud. I'm sure you had thought the 'stained glass' windows had looked a bit rough around the edges and will be glad to see they've been cleaned up a bit. The window frames still need some tweaks but I need to varnish, Tamiya Clear Red X-27, highlight black and varnish the frames [possibly] again.

The cockpit windows also got highlights. It's doubtful any of these highlights will be noticeable, if at all visible with the pilot in-situ, but the process must be done.

The 'DJ' is mostly complete, just need to do his targeting lenses, although his helmet lens is done.

As is the gunner's. 

And the pilot. They're all a bit rough around the edges, and I don't mean the slight OSL I usually apply, but the quality isn't what I normally manage. However, the eye-lenses are somewhat smaller and harder to define than usual so I've done the best I can considering - just need to move it forward.

A mixed bag of the remaining bits, the Plasma Battery has had a first pass of orange, while the icon of Caliban has had some vermillion sponge effects on the winged angel statue. This will be Ferron Proxima marble, supporting the Caliban icon. Interestingly the icon is the same colour as the Wraithbone chips that pepper Ferron Proxima... was this Caliban fortress made of Wraithbone? Are all those fractured pieces on Ferron Proxima a sundered Craftworld or splinters from the Dark Angel home world - who knows? Additionally I did my Knight missile launcher red, I'd prevaricated over it for a while. I'd intended to keep it black so it wouldn't be out of place on my Freeblade but just need to make a decision and go with red - more work but it keeps the task moving.

Lastly I added some green bits to my Callidus Assassin. Still some elements to pick out and I just can't highlight skulls, ever! They always look rubbish :(

So, tasks left on the Dark Shroud:
  • Orange targeting lenses
  • Purity seals/scrolls
  • Scribbled oaths of moment
  • Red tribal markings
  • Company numbers
  • Orange plasma FX
  • Orange anti-grav FX
  • Icon of Caliban red marble
  • Varnish
  • Taniya Clear Red X-27 [windows]
  • Tamiya Clear Orange X-26 [targeting lenses]
  • Highlight window frames
  • Re-varnish


  1. I admire your patience with all your painting work Dave!

    1. Well it's been sorely tested with the Dark Shroud I can tell you! Sometimes that 30-90 minutes isn't enough and you need to break its back to get it done. That said my bed time is shocking again. Getting to sleep at 12:40 is not good - I must try harder.

      Meanwhile as the hobby Season comes to a close its been interesting to see my TO DONE list...

  2. The struggle is real....but you are getting great results. Congrats!

    1. Thanks DAM, it is a struggle and yet it's also supposed to be fun!

  3. Looking great Dave, keep going! Oh God, the Hobby Season is nearly over again :-O

    1. I know. Its come around really fast. I looked back at last season's review and couldn't believe all I'd achieved.