Friday 16 August 2019

Angels - Ravenwing Dark Shroud part 9 - Almost there

The Dark Shroud is almost complete now, for the life of me I don't know what all the fuss was about. The DJ has his orange targeting lenses done, you can also see some of the scribbled oaths of moment on the front of his booth. I spontaneously decided to edge it in red, I don't know why. It harks back a little to the Typhoons, as their launchers are edged red but it really wasn't that considered.

The Icon of Caliban had its Ferron marble painted. It might be a little busy looking but I can live with it. The Calibanite ruins had a wash of Waywatcher green just add a little mossiness to the effect.

I kept the purity seals pure white, that might be a mistake, but again I'm past caring at this stage - I can always add a sepia wash later on.

The glow FX on the battery are a little clunky, not so much on the barrel but the plasma coils. I can always tweak them but I can't imagine using them anyway so it doesn't deserve any more effort at this stage.

The anti-grav glows far more effective and almost the same as my Typhoons. I know it's suspicious it has the same colour as the plasma weaponry and the jet turbines but neregy transfer is a funny business in the 41st millennium! The here orange targeting lenses came out OK, pitty most of that shading will disappear with the Tamiya Clear Orange X-26.

So, tasks left on the Dark Shroud:
  • Orange targeting lenses
  • Purity seals/scrolls
  • Scribbled oaths of moment
  • Red tribal markings
  • Company numbers
  • Orange plasma FX
  • Orange anti-grav FX
  • Icon of Caliban red marble
  • Varnish
  • Taniya Clear Red X-27 [windows]
  • Tamiya Clear Orange X-26 [targeting lenses]
  • Highlight window frames
  • Re-varnish
Yep, everything's done and I just need to take pics so I can add it to my Hobby Season Review post. Don't worry, new stamps of approval are incoming...

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