Friday 23 August 2019

Dark Angels - Ravenwing Dark Shroud part 10 - TO DONE!

And here we are the Ravenwing Dark Shroud is complete. I think I'm satisfied with the result. As usual there are elements that exceed my expectations while there are others that fall short, or are compromised.

But I'm not overly fussed about the result, which I appreciate sounds a little underwhelming. This is a model I need in my army to make the Ravenwing more effective. Their function/inclusion is a key element of taking Ravenwing so he had to be done.

And the result matches my existing Ravenwing so all those boxes are ticked. The black highlights are exactly as expected which is good but as predicted the varnish did show up some brush strokes, but I'll not lose sleep over them.

Almost everything else went to plan, although I didn't take any pictures with the plasma battery.

The red glass windows are another area that falls a little short. A lot of the preparatory shading/highlights have been neutralized by the Tamiya Clear Red X-27, which is a shame. 

I should probably go super contrast next time, probably not even bother with reds, just do pure black and white.

I'll probably use the Heavy Bolter more than the Assault Cannon, but it fits best with the magnets and because I cut off a bit of the rail mounting for the HB which makes it a little unstable :(

2 other elements I'm unsure on - the red edging on the DJ booth. It was just 'plonked' on and I can't tell if it looks it or somehow ties it altogether. 

I'm also sceptical regarding the purity seals and parchment. My other Land Speeders had a sepia tint on them which looked really cool. 

I don't know whether leaving these pure white keeps the palette reduced or makes them stick out unrealistically?

The Ferron Marble was just as I'd done before but appears a little 'busy' after trying to compress so many veins into such a small space. But I'm not sure what else I could have done.

I know a lot of people dislike the design of this model and I wouldn't say I'm a 'fan' but I do like certain elements [although this is perhaps its least flattering angle...]

Whereas the 3/4 view isn't too bad and I do like the DJ booth. That's why I had to get one of the old 'Crayola' Whirlwind launchers, so the deign aesthetic makes sense - 2 DJ bopoths. 

I was surprisingly pleased with the crew. They felt like an annoyance throughout as I kept missing metallic trim and having to repeat steps I'd already moved on from. They're also much smaller pieces than the rest of the model so the sense of scale was difficult to reconcile.

But they all came out OK, with enough unique touches to make them out separately. Job done!

And the Big Teal Stamp of Approval for completing this 'Darn' [sic] Shroud!


  1. Very cool, nice work on all the details!

  2. Gorgeous!!! Well done mate, I am not a big fan of the sculpt either but you are really nailing the execution of your scheme, which I love. It will be interesting to see what happens next with the Dark Angels; after reading newer fiction on the Dark Angels Primaris I get the sense that old school Dark Angels are going nasty...