Friday 7 June 2019

Callidus Assassin

My Callidus Assassin is something that has been based and undercoated for years. It was in among a group of minis I based, probably the Deathwing Knights  [although they were based in 2016!], but never really shared. Anyway, this gal was given to me way back when by PeteB along with some other bits, either in trade or just a gift as he went through a period where he wasn't into 40k anymore. Unfortunately we haven't gamed for a long time, no specific reasons I just think family commitments and game systems changed which is a shame as I really enjoyed our games together. But it was about time I finally painted this given it's only one figure.

This is after Incubi Darkness and Dark Reaper highlights. I'm considering a Waywatcher Green glaze over the top [while Glazes still exist]. It might be a mistake but it's worth a gamble - no regrets!

I don't think I'll add any verdigris to the bronze weaponry, the blade and crystals will be green tinted and the body suit so tru brass will help separate the elements instead of blending them altogether. There's really only a few nights work in this if I just stop thinking about it and just do it!

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