Monday 10 June 2019

'nids part 266 - Tyranid Warrior to Hive Guard conversion TO DONE!

I confess I'm back in avoidance mode at the moment, but I'm also going with the flow. The urge to build came over me and manifested as finally making 2 more Tyranid Warriors into Hive Guard so I can finally field a brood of 6. I originally did this conversion way back when and I've had enough parts to do these 2 for ages, although not all the same bits as last time. For these I'm using the blind Genestealer heads and I've some Tyrant Guard bits to create the armoured chest instead of the previous Termagant armour plates. I'd been delaying the kitbash because I was convinced one of the warriors was too good to be converted and I was sure I had a more damaged donor Warrior torso and legs somewhere. When I came to 'dock' the tails they were a little too short and predictably having docked them I immediately discovered the damaged torso was in exactly the same 3"x2" bits box. Anyway, the damaged one on the left was duly docked and I'll be trying to reattach the tail of the un-shown decent Warrior.

Poses and basing was next, I'd already created the Impaler Cannons [you can just see a completed one in the top right], and went about gluing the legs on, with the chest plate and head. I also added some thick texture paint inside the crest so it'll look fleshy.

I had to leave this overnight for the poly-cement to set properly but even at this stage it was clear the two bases I'd prepped with slate might not work too well with how the legs were positioned.

So I glued some slate to two more bases and found a much better fit. With polycement now dry I could drill and pin a foot to the base to ensure the superglue join was strong enough. I then added the Warrior rending claws and and gun - heaven knows how I'm going to prime and paint this now! 😲

I think I kept the guns separate last time but this was such a hatchet job I wanted it all solid. To that end I even glued elements together, so where I could get a gun arm resting on a claw arm I dropped some liquid poly between the too for added stability.

As I left it to dry overnight I hadn't quite realised how the guns were pointing downwards so much, nevermind. I'm still pretty chuffed with the result, I don't suppose it's as much of a necessity now what with the plastic kit, but they're still comparatively expensive for 3 models and only available through the GW website so having a kitbashed alternative is still worth the effort.

So many elements of the kitbash are unused bits [although those Stranglethorn Cannons tend to be prime fodder for use in Biovore kitbashes - now that is a guaranteed improvement. I'd still like to see them next to the new kit for a size comparison, as these are on slate they're a fair bit taller than my other 4 giving a lot more bulk to them so less 'modelling for advantage' not that I've ever been challenged regarding this kitbash.

Anyway, built and ticked off my list and I'll prime it so it's ready to be based and then have it on hiatus till I feel compelled to complete them, which shouldn't take too long. Big Build - TO DONE!

I builds it, I gets the badge!

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