Monday 18 December 2017

'nids part 232 - Rippers get some paint on

I've been splitting my time between the various projects - Rippers, Trygon, Land Speeder Dark Shroud, while the Broodlord reached an almost finished state then I messed up his eyes so he's on hold while I recover the strength to fix it.

The Rippers in particular have progressed with pace as I applied the base coats, washes and first Chitin highlights.

Second highlights and Bonewhite 1, not to mention the eyes and blacked out the teeth.

I also added some Valejo Heavy Red on all the fleshy bits just to make them a little more defined.

Second set of Bonewhite highlights.

Claws and teeth still to do but next up the base.

I think this is just first stage Vermilion Red Planet BASE! highlights.

I managed the second stage highlights as well, but don't think I took pictures.

I was really quite pleased with my progress but I'm beginning to feel a little fatigued.

I don't think this is my usual post-Christmas Malaise come early, just end-of-year tiredness. The weather has been awful, making the desire to troop down to the shed unappealing. It's dark and cosy in the house and I'm just tired. An early night followed by a 1am finish, followed by a 12:30am finish, followed by an early night - no wonder I'm feeling the strain. Anyway, they're nearly done.

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