Monday, 22 December 2014

Don't Panic Saturday!

A lot of fuss about nothing really! Not much about the hobby but it is news. At the weekend I was sent forth to Southport to pick up the inevitable Christmas 'bits'. It also gave me opportunity to nip to GW to pick up my figure tool-box and hopefully the errant 11 Genestealers and lo they were indeed part of my abandoned luggage. So I have a bit more of a smile on my face now that I have these fellas back.

Although this old pic doesn't represent all my stealers I am starting to get close to the full Leviathan Dataslate numbers. I've 24 mixed Macragge and original Space Hulk stealers, 9 mixed tentacles and scything talons, the 'errant 11', the 10 original Space Hulk stealers gifted by my friend Tom, 12 from an ebay auction and the 8 Deathstorm gifing me 74 in total. Of course that means I have another 30 to paint and despite having progressed particularly well with the Spawn of Cryptus I am rather reminded that I hate painting Genestealers! Still, they're back which is GOOD NEWS!

I also picked up my silver Armies on Parade medal. I'm honestly really chuffed with it, although the other guys think I 'doth protest too much'.

One other thing I did discover is the new Dark Angels Dark Vengeance expansion set. I think I just assumed this was extra copies of the models inside the DV boxset so had dismissed it. It turns out to be pretty much everything I want for my Dark Angels [aside from a Ravenwing Darkshroud]. I wanted to do some Deathwing Knights and potetnially the Ravenwing Knights too. I thought the Nephilim Jet Fighter was pretty cool, though not all that good in the game. So it looks like a great deal. Fingers crossed I get some Christmas money and if my Google AdSense can mature [only £8 to go on the advert links] I'll pick up a Knight too and that should be it for 2015

I'm also attempting a trade on facebook to pick up some Fleshborer Hives so I can kit my Carnifex out. It seems like I may be getting the better deal as it's currently swapping for the Feeder Tendril heads in the DeathStorm box. I want them too, but the Fleshborer Hives are more important. I'll let you know how it goes.